Sandringham Estates

AerWorx now has one of its popular Aerators working on Sandringham Estates!

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About Aerworx

In its no-till application, hay fields can be worked while leaving them smooth. Grass roots remain down -- not exposed to sunlight. Cattle can remain in worked fields.


  • High work rates

Running at speeds of between 10-16kph (6-10mph), a 3m version will cover over 3ha/hour (8acres/hour) and requires a tractor of just 60hp to pull it.

Being trailed, Aerworx aerators do not need an over-sized tractor with high linkage lift capacity just to be hoisted at the end of each bout, as is frequently the case with heavily-ballasted mounted machines.


  • Alternative uses

In addition to its primary role as a pasture aerator, an Aerworx machine can also be used as a clod-buster in baked clay seedbeds and for brush clearance on scrub-land.

With an optional seeder fitted, the aerator can be employed for one-pass grassland rejuvenation or oilseed rape establishment.